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Until We Meet Again

I sit wondering

And thinking

What happened?

We never got a chance to take that trip we discussed

We never got a chance to laugh on the phone again

Won’t be able to hear you curse me out for forgetting

to tell you a goal I achieved

You were always so proud of me and supportive of my


God I don’t understand

I won’t be able to laugh at you put my dad in place

I won’t be able to see you again

I’m hurt

In disbelief

I pray you weren’t in pain

I’m sad and I shed tears because I called you and

couldn’t speak with you

I’m sad because my cousin your only child is in pain

Her children have to mourn the loss of such an

amazing person

And so do I

Is this real?

Did I hear this correctly?

Aunt Rachel is gone they say

This can’t be true

I fall to my knees

I can’t breathe




I miss her so much already

Your life came to an unexpected end

And we expected to see you again

I won’t see you dance again

I won’t see you smile again

I won’t see you laugh again

But in my memories

You will always be





Hug grandpa Johnny

Hug grandma Mae

Hug Grandma Mary Bell

Hug aunt Ida

And so many more

This hurts

But know I love you aunt Rachel

Until we meet again

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