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My Son

My son

The greatest gift I could ask for

The beauty of your being

Keeps me in awe

The coos and whimpers

Warm my heart

Your face so handsome

Your eyes bright

Only seeing what taught

Your nose like your dad

Your cheeks like mom

Your lips full

Your ears so precious

I’ll protect what you hear

Your smile a burst of sunshine

Your hair like a breeze of fresh hair

Your little fingers rubbing across my face

Your toes so tiny and cute

My son

I look at you and tears fill my eyes

You’re so amazing

At seven months

The milestones you’ve conquered

The words you say

Standing and climbing

The laughter and the giggles

Give me more

My son

God was delicate with you

He protected you

Two souls now one

You’re even more special

Thank you God

For my son

I love him more than words can say

Yet words mean so many things

My heart is full

From all the love my son gives

He smiles when he sees me

He makes me laugh

A personality like no other

I can’t get enough

Have you been here before

My son

The best gift from God

My beautiful son

Signed a Grateful Mother

By Octavia Burney


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