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This Is America

This Is America

As I sit and wonder

What is America

Oppressing the oppressed

Century after century

Fighting for our rights

When their right is wrong

Sitting and watching

Watching ignorance

And childishness displayed

On my screen

This is America?

Keeping hope alive

While they are killing my

Brothers and sisters

Slavery ended yet we

Are still fighting for freedom

Marching for equality

When equality doesn’t exist

They say we are beneath them

Peasants, dirt of the earth

When we are children from kings and queens

We owned the land

They stole from us

Their greed enslaved us

This is America?

Police brutality

Yet no justice served

Shooting our people

Choking them on the streets

He screamed for his mother

Tears rolling from his eyes

This is America

Shot in the comfort of her home

Breonna Taylor

Chased down and murdered

Trayvon Martin

Hooded and murdered

No justice

We cry out for help

Black lives matter

They say all lives matter

Yet we are the race

Blood on the streets

Pulled out of cars


This is America?

Praying for something different

Praying for real freedom

Not being bullied by white supremacy

Who do they think they are?

Superior race?

Why hate blacks?

Are you afraid of our super strength?

Are you stunned by our curly locs?

Are you afraid our beautiful spirits

Might brighten your day?

Are you afraid our

Intelligence and togetherness

Will change this world?

This is America

Yet we fight everyday

To be an American

We fight through hate

We fight through name calling

We fight through discrimination

We fight through injustice

We fought through slavery

We fight, fight, fight

Waiting for a president

Letting our voice be heard

Yet our voice is ignored

While One president throwing a tantrum

This is America

We have to come together

This is America

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