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Faith, Love, Hope

Thank Jehovah for all the mothers

A sacred gem to behold

Jehovah’s angels sent from Heaven

Beautiful, strong, bold


Your support has never fallen short

Your love never in vain

Strongest in the world to us

You smile through giving birth

Even while in pain

You fought through tears

Fought through sleepless nights

Aimed us in the right direction

When we were blinded by the sight


You are the sunlight

On a cloudy day

A bright star in the night

You’re a special gift

God knew what was right

You are the encouragement to push forward

An unbreakable bond


Like a seed buried in the garden

Root by root

You stretched us

You nurtured us to grow

Amazing you are

Whether near or far

We honor our mother’s

With exhilaration

With Love

With words and praise

Happy Mother’s Day

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