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My People

My People

Stand up and rise for your cause Men be better fathers Loving your children despite of self -seeking ambition Women cover your bodies and respect yourselves My people Stop blaming this world for your actions And do better for yourself Mothers and fathers read to your children Raising them right in this deformed world My people Love one another Encouraging your brothers and sisters What’s wrong with this world we live in? Children beating their mothers And killing their parents So much anger, so much hate My People I cry out to you Black, white, Puerto Rican or Haitian We are here for a purpose Not to hate, kill or destroy My people Love one another Use your talents for good deeds Challenge your intellect Bring to light that darkness that lies in your heart Help the hungry and needy My people We have to do better Giving the children a role model to look up to MY PEOPLE This is a different world We must keep our eyes open and minds clear Being leaders not followers Being great in all things Loving all people MY PEOPLE ARE YOU LISTENING?

Octavia Burney

A poem to encourage others to be better human beings in a world that caters to chaos.

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