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My Gateway

Every life has a story

Some scars have appeared

Believing that love was far

When it was always near

My scars tell my story of how I’ve overcome

From a place with a wall

And feeling very numb

Numb to the outcome of what could be

Numb to my situation that I could not flee

Numb with no emotion

Not shedding a tear

Until I heard a voice I needed to hear

Speak so eloquently and oh so clear

I kneeled on my knees

I needed to pray

He placed every step as He made a way

To what do I owe this display

Made in the potter's hands

I’m His clay

Molded, shaped, after His will

He gave me what I needed to fulfill

So don’t rush Because of time

Don’t dwell on the wants

I convey

He is my shield, my gateway

We do not own the rights to this photo.

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