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To the one who raised me Looked after me, cared for me The one who was hard on me when I didn't understand why The one who showed me what strength is Mother the woman that remained strict when I didn't understand the intent Why were you so hard on me I would say The woman that never let me do anything or go anywhere with everybody Mother the one that made sure I was taken care of The one who clothed me and made sure my work was done before having fun The woman that made sure I had a roof over my head and food to eat The woman who made sure I only spoke properly Mother the one who showed me the definition of hard work I never understood why I couldn't go places Or hang out with this girl and that guy I never understood why I felt locked in Until I became older and realized why you did those things Not everyone was a friend Not every party needed my presence Not every drink had my name on it So I thank you mother For being a true definition of a mother I wouldn't be the woman I am without you Thank you for being so hard on me Thank you not letting be exposed to so many things Thank you for being you Strong, strict, stunning and smart My mother

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