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Burned Not Broken

Enjoying the prior moments

Laughing, talking, smiling

Seconds pass…….

Aahhhhhh……. shock

Sigh, a breath, a tear

Panic floods my mind

Draining down my back

Clothes soaking

Panting around

One button, two buttons, three and four

My heart, rapidly beating through my shirts

Gasping for a breath

A piece of me hanging on

Silently praying

Lord please help me

Redness filled me if I was a red rose

On a summer day

My lungs closing from pain

Hospital visit

My eyes filled with tears

Is this a bad dream?

Wake me up

This is not happening

Exposed to a heat

That inserted itself….



Into my neck, collarbone, upper and lower back



The water pierced my skin

Unbearable pain

I cried, I Cried

I survived

I’m Alive

After all this

I’m alive

I’m burned not broken

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