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Wait on God

“Wait on God”

As young woman, I imagined being a wife someday. When I was younger, I actually did not want kids. With so many nieces and nephews, they were enough for me. However, in my late twenties I saw my sisters with their husbands and kids and that sight was beautiful. Beautiful enough for me to see for myself. The guy I was dating at that time wanted nothing more but to marry me, so I thought. Time passed by year after year, game after game and nothing. I asked the question “do you still want marriage?” the response was “I’m just trying to figure out myself right now.” Wow, that was shocking and disappointing. I knew in my heart I could no longer be with this person as we were on two different paths in life. I was ready to settle down and have a family.

We broke up months later after months of praying for God to help me and guide me in this relationship. I was heartbroken and a part of me still wanted a relationship with him, but God said,‘he’s not THE ONE.” I cried because I wanted him to be the one, my heart was crushed by love once again. What to do next?

I stayed single for over three years turning down every guy that came my way; at one point I almost got back with my first love but, nope, God stopped that too. I was like “okay God, what is happening?” I remained single and focused on God. I prayed intentionally. I listened to my Bishop’s preaching to gain knowledge and understanding. I watched my ex bring a new girl to church almost every other Sunday and the crazy thing was it didn’t bother me. I thought I became numb to my own emotions when God was healing me. I was amazed at the new me. I would chat with his new girl and he probably thought I was crazy, but I was the total opposite. God rested on me and my heart was healed, like completely healed from bad relationships.