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Being burned December 2018 then coming into 2019 was the same year one of my closest friends and I stopped talking. It was hurtful not only from my burns but from losing a friend. So needless to say 2019 started off rough. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I had to keep the faith. I released my first book, The Storm Saved Me while have staples in my neck and down my back. I even reached out to Phoenix Burn Society to be part of a group with other burn survivors, unfortunately I never heard back from them.

Fast forward to November 2022 when I received an email from someone who saw my WITN interview (interview below) about my children’s book Marty. That person was Amber Wilcox who has been a true blessing in my life. She invited me to be interviewed on Girls with Grafts (interview below) and has connected me with some phenomenal people. Did I mention I am now part of the Phoenix Burn Society Committee because of her? 🙀 I’ve been invited to facilitate at the Burn Survivor’s Adult Retreat in California this year and being part of the committee I get to help pick out topics and Speakers for the Burn Conference in October; I might even be a speaker. 🤯 I am now part of an amazing group of people.  I am flabbergasted with everything that has happened since being burned. I was angry and still get angry some days but I’m so overjoyed with being able to bless others and connect with other burn survivors because no one can understand the pain, the tears, the anger, frustration, motivation and strength it takes to be a survivor. Amber is the reason I’m part of a peer support group through Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors which I didn’t know I needed but glad I joined.

So I have to shout out Amber for her willingness to connect with me and for connecting me to others. Thank you Amber!!! 💪🏽❤️

“Warriors fight through the pain with a smile to keep living. Life is just beginning. “ Octavia Burney

Girls with Grafts Podcast:

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