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Suffering in Silence

Written by Lakisha Eley

Depression sucks and drains the life out of you. It is something that has come for my life on numerous occasions. It has taken my joy, peace, and strength in moments of my life. I suffered in silence and people didn't even know what was going on with me. In the beginning, I didn't really know why I was feeling the way I was. I was always sad and sometimes frustrated because I just didn't "feel" right. It became difficult at times to push forward. I am an advocate for counseling. On more than one occasion in my life I had to receive consistent counseling. Depression is something that is hard but it's also something that can be overcome with the right resources and people. I learned that a person can think themself into depression if they are not careful. But the same way you can think yourself in it you can also think yourself out of it. I really had to take time to renew my mind and thinking. I still strive to do this because it starts in your mind. Thinking better is something we have to work at daily. When you have struggled with depression it can be e