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Purpose in your Pain

There’s Purpose in Your Pain

Pain is something no one wants. It leaves us feeling uncomfortable, weary and worthless. When I suffered second and third-degree burns, I lacked confidence. People would stare, double take and look at me startled. Normally people would double take for a different reason. I would become so upset but I had to stay strong and keep my faith. I could barely wear clothing for several months. I couldn’t walk or even turn my head side to side. I was always uncomfortable and sleep was minimal. I still struggle with getting rest due to my severe neuropathy (nerve pain) and soreness. I did not want to be around too many because I would get nervous that they would hug me too tight or hit my back. Being burned has been a traumatic and devastating experience.

What does this have to do with purpose? How can I translate my experience into my everyday living? Not being able to do much over the last few months, I would spend time praying, writing and intentionally working on my relationship with God. Doing this has revealed so much to me. I am interested in a lot of things but that does not mean that’s what God wants me to do. It may be what He wants me to do in a particular season. For example, when I got my job, I met someone that I needed so we could encourage and motivate one another; not necessarily to retire there but to connect with like-minded individuals to bring change.

It took a lot and I mean a LOT of difficult experiences to really understand what my purpose was but everything I went through was perfecting me and revealing to me purposeful events. Your purpose is your intelligent life work. Because God is intelligent, everything God placed inside of you is for you to bring God's intelligence into the work. I sat in pain writing some days because that was how I coped with the pain and suffering within my body. I cried several times a week and still do sometimes because the pain can be unbearable. People look at me and think because I look good, I feel good, not knowing that I am pushing through my pain to even smile or engage in conversation. My scars and pain may be internal and external, but some suffer internally. A scar isn't just a mark it could be a memory, a thought or even actions. We must deal with those scars instead of just putting a band-aid on it.

My burns couldn't always be covered. They needed to breathe and be free to heal. Are you free to heal or subconsciously holding on to seasons that have passed? I want to encourage you that whatever pain you have experienced, it is not designed just to create great agony and frustration in your life. God creates these events in our lives because He wants to show us a more excellent way that we should take in life; our minds must shift into the position of accepting what God allows. Your commitment will challenge your faith, but victory is in the process.

Trust the process!

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