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Letters to My Son

Dear Son,

You are growing so fast and time is flying by. When I look at you tears fill my eyes. I always dreamed of having a son. You are so amazing. I want you to know how amazing you are, today you started eating your food with your fork, all by yourself. Daddy and I sat there in amazement, looking at you enjoy your meal. I remember the day I had you. You came out looking like a little butterball. I held you with tears in my eyes, I kissed you, I nursed you.

Daddy held you staring into your eyes because you came out looking around and alert like you were three months old. A few minutes passed and something happened when daddy was holding you, your nostrils flared, your breathing changed. The nurses acted quickly. You were moved to the ICU a few moments after being born; my heart stopped for a moment but God reassured me that you were just fine.

You are truly the strongest little boy I’ve ever met. I’ve never seen healing take place so quickly. Within 24 hours you were breathing on your own again with the help of mommy’s golden milk. I’m so thankful for you, you’ve taught me so many lessons in just over a year.

Always take time to spend with the people you love. Enjoy every minute. Time goes by quickly and some of the best memories don’t have to be recorded.

My son I love you so much, don’t ever forget that.




Owned and written by Octavia Burney

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