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Dear Son

Hi Joshua,

When I first met you my heart melted. You literally taught me a new type of love “a love for a child.” You taught me strength. You taught me how to fight. Before you, I thought I was a fighter. I thought I was strong but with you I understand strength. I saw your strength and it gave me a power that only comes from God. Son you will do great things. You are already learning and studying at one. Son no matter your age, I’ll always be here. Always believe in yourself even when others doubt you, you can achieve it. You are so special to me and even more special because of what you carry; the soul of your twin that unfortunately did not make it. Joshua you are more than what I dreamed of and exactly who God wanted you to be. You are the happiest child yet will mean mug those you are not familiar with. Your smile brightens any room just like your father’s. You are a champion and an amazing child. What you bring to the world is a gift like no other.

I love you so much!


Your mother Octavia Burney

Copyright owned by Octavia Burney

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