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I Prayed for You

I prayed for you

As I young woman

I knew one day I would get married

I knew one day I would be pregnant

I knew one day I would have a child

I knew I would be a mother

Little did I know

What would have to occur

Before getting those things

I prayed for you

Battles within my body

Sickness and pain

Doctor after doctor

As I sat in these experiences

I began to pray

Your husband prayed

Your family prayed

Your pastor prayed

Friends prayed

I prayed for you

Possible surgery

I said no...

Six cysts turned into one

Prayer after prayer

Fast after fast

Speaking life into my own body

I cried to Jesus...HELP ME

Unable to walk due to the pain

Lost my job in the midst of healing

No one could understand

I’ve been known to be a miracle

I prayed for you

Months passed by

A huge cyst was removed

I felt alive again

Waiting for the right time to start a family

Well now is the time

I thought....

Months passed

A beautiful Sunday afternoon

I sat in the chair

Getting cute for the holidays

Never did I think I would end up


Second and third degree burns

Covered me





Anger filled me

I wanted to have a child and was so close

God why?

Why are you punishing me?

Little did I know the plan He had for me

Surgery after surgery

Unbearable pain, I cried

Time flying by

I prayed for you

Upset at the side effects

I sat there in tears

When will it be my day?

Listening to doubt from doctors

When they didn’t understand my faith

I prayed for you

December 2019

Last surgery

Sickness filled me again

What is this I asked myself

I heard a voice whisper you’re pregnant

Test after test

Positive. Positive. Positive.

We’re pregnant

There were two

Then there was one

Tears filled my eyes

Yet joy stayed in my heart

I prayed for you

You are here

Our hearts are full

Tears we cry

The love for our son

I prayed for you

Your father prayed

Your family prayed

Your pastor prayed

You are loved

Welcome to the world son

We’ll protect you

We’ll love you

We’ll teach you

God will cover you

I prayed for you

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