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Dreaming While Awake

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I can’t do that? Is my dream too big? Maybe I should bring it down a notch?" Well, I have. I have always been told I should be in a magazine, model or act. Surprisingly I have modeled for several years and have been in a few commercials. Right out of high school, while traveling with my sister, I had an opportunity of a lifetime. A modeling scout came all the way from Los Angles, California to Fort Knox, Kentucky to offer me a modeling contract. Yes, me. I even had a chance to sing at the Grand Ole Opry but I turned them all down to go to college. I was called crazy, stupid and other names. I didn’t think about all the money I would’ve made. I often thought if I made the right decision; I knew God had other plans for me and I couldn’t let the possibility of becoming famous stand in my way of a bigger plan set up by someone bigger than me.

Fast forward to now, I have been working diligently on my poetry and my upcoming book, The Storm Saved Me. A few months ago, a magazine company interviewed me. I am beyond elated and humbled to have a spread in Afroelle Magazine for their December issue. It is not the first magazine I have been in but it is the first magazine I am in pertaining to my poetry, which is truly a gift from God.

To think a few years ago, I stopped writing because I felt like my poems were not good enough. But I remember my Bishop telling me “you are a beast with the pen and paper.” I used that as motivation to write again and God has truly showed up in my life. Go read my spread in Afroelle Magazine. This girl is on FIRE!

My first book will be released in December 2018. Look out for more details.

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