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"Don't Skip the Steps"

Goals are like steps endure the process whether you trip or fall you are still on track.

We set our goals, we write them faithfully, we believe in ourselves until things get hard and shaky. When things become overwhelming we step back into our comfort zone. Is your comfort zone blocking your blessings? You sit and complain about not having enough, when you are the enough you desire. Let me be first to tell you I've been knocked down more than once but NEVER did I give up. As the tears rolled down my face and the feeling of bricks piled on my back, I kept going.

In life we have to go through the heartache, the feeling of defeat but that only makes us stronger. If you give up on life because the guy you thought you would marry wasn't the one, you get fired from a job, you were struggling financially, or even may have cried yourself to sleep. God was molding you. Life is not about just smelling the roses and skipping through the tulips. Oh, you thought the process was easy? Well the dream starts with YOU. I would've never thought I would start a clothing business, that I would be living in Greenville, North Carolina, loving a church that I was invited to. God has a way of ordering our steps. Don't skip the steps, you might miss out on what you have been waiting for.

Three Helpful Tips:

1. Treat yourself to a relax day.

2. Solitude is the key. Take 20 minutes a day for yourself.

3. When making a decision think about how it will affect you tomorrow.

"Steps in life involve the invisible, drive the ambitious and fulfilled by faith(God) . Don't skip a step, follow the path given." Octavia Burney

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