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Comfort to Uncomfortable

We oftentimes sit back and wait for things to happen instead of making it happen. We sit back and talk about what we’re going to do yet doing nothing to accomplish it. We set weight goals but only do the bare minimum to achieve it. We write and pray. Pray and write while achieving nothing. What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for someone else to do the thing you said you were going to do then get upset because they beat you to it when they set their mind to it and achieved it. It’s okay that some things may take years to achieve.

Some of us aren’t really ready for what that one thing will do in our lives. WAIT while you work and eventually you’ll be prepared for it.

“Nothing worth having comes easy” so what they have a business just like yours, so what they have more clients than you, so what they have more money than you….THEY ARE NOT YOU and as my Bishop said “this is NOT that.”

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourselves. Watch God make it happen for YOU.

By: Octavia B. Words Have Power

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