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Burned not Broken...real life moment 

People look at this picture and say how beautiful it is not knowing what I had to experience to even get this dress and put it on. I was in pain taking this picture. Nerve pain was shooting throughout my back into my neck. You see, I have to wear a compression shirt and compression shorts along with silicone. I have to wear my compression garments 24/7 and due to where my scar is my silicone was hanging out the top of my dress. My goal was to find a dress that covers my compression garments completely but when I saw this dress I said "that's so me, let's get it." I used to be self conscious, not wanting to show my compression garments I have to wear under my clothing after suffering second and third degree burns on my neck, collarbone, upper/lower back and and having a skin graft from my left thigh. (Skin grafts are made to move skin from a non-injured area of the body to cover a burn or wound. This skin will attach itself and help heal the wound). The skin was sewn on to stay in place and then I had staples in my upper back down to my buttocks to keep everything in place. I had so much fluid in my left leg after this process that I could barely walk for several months. I got physical therapy and now my model strut is almost back. This healing process has been stressful but I'm so thankful I never got an infection and didn't lose my mind due to the pain. 🙌🏾 I've had several surgeries and unfortunately, I have more to go. God has been so good to me. I have severe neuropathy in my neck, back and collarbone which affects me from doing a lot of things but I keep smiling and pushing through. The doctors told me I would never feel in those areas again but I'm thankful for the pain. During this event, I saw people looking at me and probably wondering what the heck was hanging at the top of my dress but I would, "say hi, love your dress" or "hi I'm Octavia," and kept it moving. I refuse to allow my situation to define who I am. I am still beautiful even with my scars and my body doesn't make me, my mind does. When you are comfortable in your own skin and who God and who God made you, stares don't mean anything. Keep looking up and keep being amazing. God knows what He is doing! He makes NO mistakes.


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