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Breast Cancer Awareness 

My aunt passed away due to cancer and so I want to spread knowledge about breast cancer. A lot of women are afraid to either get checked due to family history or they feel like they're excluded. Working in the health field with a past position in a breast care specialist office, I know that breast cancer has no age, sex or background. The youngest female diagnosed was sixteen years old when I worked in that facility. It broke my heart and also made me more aware. For the first time I even had a male patient that was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was not educated enough on the fact that men could also get this disease. Earlier in my career that was not something that was emphasized, breast cancer was always associated with women. Now fifteen years later the stats have increased for men as well. So know your family history and know your body.

You often hear that you get your first mammogram at age 40. Well if you notice something abnormal, you need to get checked earlier regardless of family history.

I had my first mammogram at the age of twenty-seven not because I wanted to or had a family history of breast cancer but during my monthly self-examination (which every woman should do), I noticed something and made a decision to get it checked. I do not play when it comes to my body and taking care of this temple that God placed me in.

So ladies pay attention to your body, get exercise, drink water, eat a healthier diet, visit your physician regularly and have a day to rest. It's okay to rest ladies, go get some TLC. Also do monthly breast exams and get yearly physicals. Make sure you are doing the best to care for your temple.

I will be giving more information later this week.

Link below if you would like to use this source to get a mammogram. They have locations worldwide.

(Susan G. Komen was advised that I would be

using this website for my blog)

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