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"Baby Steps"

Baby Steps

I have been watching my son grow rapidly since the day he was born; as he entered the world very attentive and looking around, turning his head from side to side as if he was already two months old. What a pleasure it has been. As we read to him at a few weeks old he started cooing and making a repertoire of vowel sounds. When he was only one month-old during tummy time my son attempted to crawl. I was so astonished I called my husband in to make sure I wasn’t losing it. He went from the stage of rolling over from his back to his tummy, to crawling on his belly to crawling on hands and knees (moving very quickly), to climbing his bassinet, almost giving me a heartache one day, to now standing and pulling himself up from any position which started at six months. I was a little concerned because he was moving so fast.

I watched my child when we had playtime. He would grab things and me to pull up to

stand as he tried to stand alone but he flopped on his bum. I watched him crawl on the floor

and pull up on toys as I kneeled behind him close enough to catch him while letting him explore. The last thing I wanted was for him to hurt himself. I placed him in his walker, and he took off like sonic. I was like “woah’ this kid is moving fast. People would say “oh he just moving out the way” and I’m like for what? Joshua was on the rise to becoming more and more independent. Every day we stretch and do activities to build strength in his arms, legs and torso. Massaging his belly for proper digestion, massaging his little hands, arms, legs and feet for proper blood circulation. I feed him good, healthy, hearty meals to build strong bones and healthy brain cells.

So, what does this all have to so with baby steps? In order for things to grow, even

people, there are steps in place. I have watched my son fall on his bum day after day and he

never gave up. I watched this as it was encouragement for me; he kept falling, giggling and

crying but he was not giving up. My little chunky man was determined to stand without holding

onto anything. He fell, got up, fell, got up, fell, got up, fell, got up, fell and got up. Until one day he was able to stand in his play pen and glide around giggling and laughing as I read to him, sang a song and played with flashcards. My son was holding on tight not giving up.

How many times have you fallen and said forget it? It’s s too hard. I can’t do it. I’m not

strong enough. I don’t have the support I need, etc. How many times? I saw my child fall

sooooo many times and it encouraged me more than anything. Daily we fall short of God’s glory

and no matter how many times we have given up on God, he has not given up on us.

My child allowed me to see a message in his determination of standing. His little smile

brightens my days. He grabs my face, gives me kisses and my heart melts. I look at him and I’ve

cried because he is such a blessing. He’s taught me that it’s ok if we fall, it’s ok to laugh at

ourselves when others wonder why we aren’t crying, it’s ok to fall but it’s also important to keep trying. My son is eight months old and a few weeks ago he took his first step without holding onto anything. After all the falls, giggling, crying, being frustrated and confused my son let go of the playpen and took his first step. I screamed with excitement as my son saw me clapping and

smiling, he clapped and smiled, then fell on his bum; he was so thrilled of how his

determination paid off. No, he’s not running around the house yet but he’s taking Baby Steps.

Let go of things that are holding you back from your next steps in life.

Take Baby Steps to reach your goal; you don’t have to leap all at once.

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Awww Nephew! This was a blessing to read. Very encouraging, even if you have to take baby steps never give up.💪🏾

Octavia Burney
Octavia Burney
Aug 21, 2022
Replying to

Thank you!! 💕💕

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