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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Strong woman fighting fears to become fearless

She achieved goals she once doubted, that scared her the most

But mostly allowing her mind to be changed

Changing like a flower blooming in the spring

She fought the sickness that tried to take her out

She fought death while living in fulfillment

She cried tears of joy while telling her story to the unknown She spoke life over her body when the pain numbed her soul She overcame not having enough

When She realized SHE was enough

Positivity spoken from her lips

Because she knew the power of her words

Her essence is a gift to the world

Created to heal others through knowledge and love Accepting positions not knowing the outcome

But bringing lives to God in the process

She achieved her goals

Hated because of being who she is

Not allowing the depiction of others to defeat who God created

She proclaimed her Destiny not knowing the path

But knowing who she is while gaining wisdom on the way

Boxing life's pains away

Learning the artistic methods of life

Being painted like a mural

She stood in her promise

Ready for what comes along

She is a FIGHTER

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