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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Who wiped my tears when no one was there Who fought my battles like a warrior in the field Who built me up and strengthened my soul Who opened my eyes In this cold world Who saved my life from sin within Who made my life whole again Who humbled me to think beyond my dreams Saving me from my own extremes Who brightened my day when there was no light Who made everything I touch become bright Who's sweet sound whispers in my ear Like a sweet melody so sincere Telling me you cannot live when there is fear Who raised me up to be the woman I am When the hell around me tried to bring me down Who lifted me up when sickness crept in Telling me this is not the end Who's highways leads me in the right direction Not him or her but His intersection They tell me I have a disconnection No I'm just guided by His protection Revived, renewed, restored I will continue to soar All  because of Him

Written by: Octavia Burney

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