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"Beautifully Flawed"

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

What do you see An image that is what others call Un-Beautiful I don't like this, I don't like that My hips too wide My legs too big My stretch marks My lips My thighs Your foot print leaves a mark Yet you feel unstable Your voice roars above the stereotypical image of what your beauty is Yet you sit in silence ashamed What do you see Afrocentric queen Indian princess Caucasian beauty What do you see A picture holds a thousand words Yet your words are not positive Pill popping your way through life trying to be someone else The pill is not the anecdote It's defining your mind Not your body Be healthy not through the lens of others But the lens of God You were created in his perfect image Don't demean your meaning To fulfill others skepticism about you Beautiful you are Yet you only see your flaws What do you see Not through the lens of body bashing Not the lens of Facebook Not the lens of instagram Not the lens of others words But God What do you see Beautifully shaped Every curve with a story Every stretch mark Marking your pain Endured for a life Every step, stepping into your destiny Lips full of life with every word spoken Legs strong enough to kick box the enemy Your voice is like a lion roaring for greatness Go about it the right way Health is health Yet if your life and mind are unhealthy So are you What do you see Bold, beautiful, strong and positive No negativity uttered from your lips You are Beautifully Flawed

(I do not own the rights of this photo)

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