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"Youth Labeled Not Defined"

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

They analyze and victimize your being They characterize your existence as if you chose this life

They judge your ability to succeed in this society based on your Have and have not’s Demolishing your faith before you get a chance to live They damage your wings before you get a chance to fly Then label you as behavioral with no motivation The world we live in has no debate They expect the media to teach our children the values of life Which only show the incorrect formalities of how to behave The fighting, cursing and half naked images flow across the screen As if it’s appropriate Our youth deserves the entertainment of motivational skills The lessons of dedication Faith and self- worth

To realize that the sky is the limit, not limitless Motivate yourself to where people don’t understand the concept of your being Be youthful in your youth in seeing Not all that looks good and feels good, is good When you walk by faith God will hold you when the world is against you Protect you when you don’t feel protected Save you when you can’t save yourself Motivate you when you don’t feel motivated Don’t allow others to make up your decisions Youth You are our future Be educated

Be dedicated Never defeated Allow the critics to be seated This will not go on as untreated Proclaim your destiny

You are more than what they see

(I do not own this photo presented above)

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