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Dreaming While Awake


Have you ever thought to yourself, "I can’t do that? Is my dream too big? Maybe I should bring it down a notch?" Well, I have. I have always been told I should be in a magazine, model or act. Surprisingly I have modeled for several years and have been in a few commercials. Right out of high school, while traveling with my sister, I had an opportunity of a lifetime. A modeling scout came all the way from Los Angles, California to Fort Knox, Kentucky to offer me a modeling contract. Yes, me. I even had a chance to sing at the Grand Ole Opry but I turned them all down to go to college. I was called crazy, stupid and other names. I didn’t think about all the money I would’ve made. I often thought if I made the right decision; I knew God had other plans for me and I couldn’t let the possibility of becoming famous stand in my way of a bigger plan set up by someone bigger than me.


Fast forward to now, I have been working diligently on my poetry and my upcoming book, The Storm Saved Me. A few months ago, a magazine company interviewed me. I am beyond elated and humbled to have a spread in Afroelle Magazine for their December issue. It is not the first magazine I have been in but it is the first magazine I am in pertaining to my poetry, which is truly a gift from God.


To think a few years ago, I stopped writing because I felt like my poems were not good enough. But I remember my Bishop telling me “you are a beast with the pen and paper.” I used that as motivation to write again and God has truly showed up in my life. Go read my spread in Afroelle Magazine. This girl is on FIRE!

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